Mississippi State Wins One

Sunday Mississippi State beat Loyola Chicago in an overtime squeaker, 65-64. It was the Bulldogs’ first win in a rivalry that spans 51 years. Loyola leads the series 2-1.

Last year the Ramblers won in Chicago, 59-51, in the first of two home-and-home games played to commemorate the last time the teams met, in the Mideast Regional of the 1963 NCAA tournament. Loyola won that game 61-51 and went on to win the national title.

In order to play that 1963 game, the all-white Bulldogs had to sneak out of Mississippi, defying a court order forbidding them to play against black opponents. It’s an oft-told story, but a great one, and this may be the last excuse I’ll get to trot it out. So here’s a version I like, adapted from Ramblers, of course.

Ramblers in the White House

The Basketball Fan-in-Chief will honor the 1963 Loyola Ramblers in the Oval Office today at 12:10 eastern time, according to the schedule. It’s closed to the press, but afterward there will doubtless be interviews and photos, so watch the news.

Please, somebody hand him a copy of Ramblers and take a picture! Take it on vacation with you, Mr. President, it’s right in your wheelhouse.


My Mistake

Dean Smith, center, with his North Carolina team in 1967 after beating Duke for the ACC title.

In chapter 24 of Ramblers, George Ireland’s son Mike tells a story about the 1963 final four. It was Thursday, March 21. The Ramblers had just flown in to Louisville and were ensconced in their hotel. Tomorrow night they would play Duke in the semi.

The Perfect Thing for Father’s Day!

Is your dad a basketball fan? A Loyola alum? Did he ever send large checks to Loyola in your behalf? Chances are he’d love a copy of Ramblers for Father’s Day–especially if it’s a signed copy personally inscribed to your dad by the author himself!

You can order one from my neighborhood indie bookstore, the Book Cellar in Chicago. Just call them at 773-293-2665. They’ll take your order and your inscription info, I’ll walk over and sign the book, and they’ll put it in the mail posthaste. Don’t dawdle: Father’s Day is June 16.