Mother knows best

Loyola coach George Ireland was the maestro of the kitchen table. He didn’t recruit players, he recruited moms. In this excerpt, guard Ron Miller describes how Ireland snatched him away from the University of Dayton:

“He walked in like he was in charge. As soon as he walked through the door, it was like ‘Ronnie Miller, nice to meet you.’ And my mother came out and he went straight to my mother, almost passed me to talk to my mother, and he was there less than 30 seconds and he was complimenting her on how clean the place was, how orderly everything was. My mother had a cake. He ate the cake and he said ‘This cake brings tears to my eyes. This is the best cake I’ve ever eaten.’ And he said to her ‘I can tell you that every kid who comes to Loyola and spends four years with me graduates, period. There’s not one kid who’s ever gone four years who didn’t have a degree.’ And what does a mother want to hear? It’s like we’re gonna take care of your son. And that was pretty much it. I said mom, I really like the University of Dayton. And she said no, I like that George Ireland man.”