I’m a Writer, Not a Talker

Friday night I was interviewed by Laurence Holmes of the Score, 670 radio in Chicago. Longtime listener, first time guest!

(Here’s the third hour of Laurence’s program. It starts with some pretty good White Sox talk. I come in at 30:41.)

I’ll have to work a little harder on this radio thing.

I meant to say Loyola was the first Illinois team ever to win the NCAA title.

I meant to say that the percentage of college teams with black players doubled from 1962 to 1975, not 1965.

I meant to say…well, what I meant to say is in the book. It’s revised, edited, and fact-checked. What comes out of my mouth on the spur of the moment is completely unpredictable and not to be trusted.

Nonetheless, I’ll be doing more broadcast this week:

Monday, March 11, 6:15 PM Central with Scott LynnĀ of KEX, Portland, OR. Listen online.

Tuesday, March 12, 7:40 PM Central on the Nick Bonsanto Show, live from Las Vegas. Listen online.

Wednesday, March 13, WDCB 90.9 FM, public radio in Glen Ellyn, IL. I think I’ll be taping for broadcast later. I’ll update when I find out for sure.

Friday, March 15, WGN Midday News, 11-1 on channel 9 Chicago, or watch the stream.