Coming Fall 2016 From Agate Midway

A new book about acting, Shakespeare, and making theater, based on American Players Theatre’s 2014 production of Much Ado About Nothing. Now available for pre-order. Read more here

“In school they teach you that collaboration is everybody doing the same thing. It’s not true. Nobody’s doing the same thing. We all have different things in our heads. What we’re doing is coordinating those things, constantly, so the final product is coherent. It’s not one idea, it’s hundreds of ideas that somehow come into alignment. Everyone’s picking up something from somebody else and using it or adjusting to it. And it’s just so much fun! Nobody ever really knows how it’s going to turn out. And so the excitement is, OK, we’re doing this, it’s feeling right, it’s making sense. But is it going to be any good? Is it going to make sense later on? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.”     —set and costume designer Robert Morgan